Holy Trinity Adelaide has 3 campuses and employes 44 people, with $2.2m on just the payroll (assuming each person earns $50k ONLY). Now you know what your offering is going towards. At the church, I once heard a pastor brag about getting free fringe benefits, and being able to send his kids to their prestigious Anglican private schools at 50% of the cost. So this is not to remember the millions of tax-free dollars Holy Trinity earns via its private schools, and capital gains on property given to it by the government for free 50 odd years ago.

1. Miriam Telfer (Nurse from St. Kensington’s Anglican Church) in a cat fight online! She was described by a colleague as a leader of a small group at Adelaide University, whilst studying nursing there. She also attended St. Matthew’s Church in Kensington. Apparently, she shared to the third party about some sexually deviant practices, which accordingly showed she was not “clean”, that she was “hypocritical” and “faking”. She said Miriam Telfer “can’t” lead a small group, and likely suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, saying a ghost was out to get her. Miriam Telfer was described as a “sociopath”.

2. Ps Reuben Salagaras, originally from St Matthew’s Kensington Anglican Church, was the president of the Evangelical Union (EU) AFES Evangelical Students. He studied law/engineering, but falling to get a job, went to study ministry. He has been referred to as “arrogant” and “proud”. He was told to be “controlling” and “dominating”. He has been accused of spending $70k in taxpayer dollars, then going to religious studies.

3. Ps Mark Peterson (also Holy Trinity Adelaide) was accused of being there just to sell his private CD’s and website merchandise. He is accused of being an “annoyance” and was “threatening”, that he was “irrelevant”, “arrogant”, “cocking” with “strong opinions” but little “empirical evidence”. His theology was also described as “heterical”. He was described as a “dog” out to get your money (via donations), preying on the weak, and profiting from religion. He was also desired as “cocky”, “arrogant”, and that he shouldn’t be a pastor. Mark Petrson is said to be the person in charge of music, using pop song-sounding jingles to attract people, using things like “musical atmosphere” (like a U2 concert). Similarly, Mark Peterson would try to convince everybody secular music was “evil”, and that they should listen to HIS “Christian” music. Also interesting is this early church heresy of the false dichotomy between flesh and spirit (i.e. the more spiritual you want to be, the less “flesh” you have to be). These people thus believed Jesus was not human because if he was human he cannot be godly. Therefore, to be more “godlier”, they need to be less into “worldy” music. This is the false theology that Mark Peterson is promulgating! Mark Peterson was also described as “looking like he’s got psychological issues”, most likely schizophrenia.

4. Geoff Lin is a pastor at the Holy Trinity Adelaide Anglican Church, and youth worker at AFES (Evangelical Union, aka Evangelical Students). He tries to convince students anabaptists/presbyterian christians are “evil”, and that all apart of AFES (despite being “non-denominational”) should switch allegiances to his Holy Trinity Church. Of course, more people at his church, means more dollars, and hence higher salary rates! Geoff Lin has been described as “arrogant”, “rude” and “close-minded”. Instead of using his law degree (from the University of Sydney) to find a “proper job”, he tries to solicit money from “university students” by cocky-ing out his law degree. He was also described as having the “s*** beaten out of him” by the Atheists club at UofA. In it, he “smirks” despite losing the God argument. Geoff Lin is also most famous for making the joke that he wanted to be an Anglican priest so he could send his kids to St Peters (a private Anglican school) for 50% of the cost – and though it was a joe, was completely and utterly inappropriate.

What is particularly interesting is Geoff Lin has accused Jeremy Shum of ousting him to the Anglican Diocese for engagement in child pornography, and child sex abuse. Of course, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever this ever did occur! But one does wonder why the investigation occurred if it was untrue! Unfortunately, it was rescinded because of lack of available evidence.. but we all know you have a law degree, Mr. Geoff Lin 😉

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My favorite web site for 2012 has been this one featuring a Miss Heather Kennett from the Sunday Mail, which is apparently a parody “admission of guilt”, entitled, “The secret life of an online bully – Meet me: Heather Kennett”. It was posted on Christmas eve in 2011. It’s hilarious because it quite honestly reflects Kennett’s complete and utter disregard for the truth. It states on http://www.droppedthebomb.com/confession/The-secret-life-of-an-online-bully—Meet-me-Heather-Kennett/13065 :

> My name is Heather Kennett, and although I seem normal in my day-to-day job as a journalist at the Sunday Mail, I am a psycopath.

> I state that I am a “health reporter” when I have no history or background in the health area.

> I harass and cause trouble in the Burnside Council whilst at Eastern Courier, then disappear away to AdelaideNow website as if nothing had ever happened.

> I attack political candidates on the basis of age, race, and religion – rather than their ability; and ousted a Chinese dentist on the same grounds – race.

> This Christmas, I will be all alone, in my sad, pitiful life, directly a result of the double life I live, and the karma I’m receiving for all the bad things I’ve done to humanity. Some even call me a monster.

Several sexually explicit responses were given by Sean, including Arnaud who asked what her “tits” and “ass” were like, whether she had a decent face, and that he’d assist her with some “f**king” to “cut” her “bitchy jib”. This was responded by Amy who said that Heather Kennett’s tits, face and ass were “sagging”. She also expounded on why a gentleman would want to shut his “big fat cock” up her “tight ass” – as discipline, she rhetorics?

A gentleman named Fabio then responds:

> If you don’t know what the psychopathic journalist Heather Kennett looks like, visit this link: http://digitaledition.easterncourier.com.au/default.aspx?iid=40494&startpage=page0000001 . Ahem, a brunette who has dyed her hair fake blonde. Look at her smile, and you can already see aspects of psychopathy right there!

> By doing statistical analysis, I have aligned Heather Kennett’s abuse of others through journalism with the statement, “declined to comment”, “refused to comment”, or “declined to be interviewed”. This is an excellent indicator. So here is the 2011 end of year review of Heather Kennett’s jab on others:

> – Heather Kennett took a jab at Chinaman and dentist Dr. Keong Gan (62) saying his clinic was “messy and dirty”, “infectious”, “dried blood and rusted” instrument, “unsterilized”, “unfit to practice”, “unprofessional”, and also a jab at his dental assistants for being “unqualified”. She then ended saying he “declined to comment” when approached by “Sunday Mail” – Umm no Heather, he was approached by you, stalker, not the newspaper! You are not the newspaper! And Heather, remember your reference of yourself as “Health Reporter” is fraudulent – it’s untrue. TPA s52 misleading & deceptive conduct anybody?
> Date: August 27, 2010 at 10:00pm
> Source: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/filthy-dental-surgery-fined/story-e6frea6u-1226123525406

> – Heather Kennett has a jab at nurse John McMahon (49), who she reminds is a “male nurse” who engaged in “predatory conduct” (yes, she’s anti-man). She says he “exploited a former patient” because he “formed a sexual relationship with the woman after gaining address and mobile phone details from confidential hospital records”, and she’d “confided substantial sexually explicit details” (including she engaged a male prostitute) – are you kidding me?? This was from a woman who had “impulsive and reckless behavior as well as mood swings and self harming”. She ends that John McMahon “declined to comment”. And finally folks, Kennett stops calling herself “Health Reporter”!
> Date: Sep 17, 2011 10:00pm
> Source: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/nurse-preyed-former-patient/story-e6frea83-1226139330753

> – Heather Kennett is talking about property developer Nick Anargyros and his company Grafio Pty Ltd, and how the council had “sued” this guy for “unauthorized and illegal building works”, that the attitude of the bloke giving evidence was “careless and irresponsible”, had “scant regard” for requirements. This is before saying Anargyros “declined to be interviewed”.
> Date: 19 August, 2009 at 10:09am
> Source: http://portside-messenger.whereilive.com.au/news/story/developer-cops-fine-over-semaphore-houses/

> – Heather Kennett has a go at Adelaide company Alpine, which she says “showed it owed more than $1m”, “behind schedule and responsible for some defective works”, before saying Alpine director Robert Papilion “declined to be interviewed”.
> Date:18 March 2009 9:09am
> Source: http://messenger-news.whereilive.com.au/news/story/alpine-collapse-has-no-newport-impact/

Michael then tilts back, saying that:

> This woman (Heather Kennett) has some pathological similarity in facial structure to Josef Fritzl (the incestuous father who kept his daughter as a sex slave for 24 years).

> It’s thus not surprising they’ve (both Heather Kennett and Josef Fritzl) both been referred to as “monsters”. How amazing to see a serial killer/rapist/pedophile in the making.

The final post was made on New Year’s Day in 2012.

One wonders what will bring in 2012 of the Heather Kennett cyber smear saga?